Czech Age Group medalist Miloš Liška about the WC Trifecta in Sparta 2022

We interviewed a couple of Age Group competitors who shone in Sparta, Greece. The first of them is Miloš Liška, also called Lišák.

Miloš competed in Sparta in his age category of 50-54 years and he did very well. He was first in the Sprint and third in the Supra and Beast, taking bronze overall at the TW World Championships.

How many races have you done this year? I know you've been doing well all season, outside of Sparta, what has been your biggest achievement this season?

This year I have completed 17 races and I consider defending the victory in Age (50-54) in the CEU series as one of the biggest achievements of this season.

What is your favorite Spartan distance? Are you more into longer or shorter runs?

I don't really have a favorite distance, but I like to run longer distances where I can exercise my endurance.

What did you like most about the races in Sparta? Did they have any different obstacles there than here at the CEU races?

What I liked most in Sparta at the races was the atmosphere that the whole city lived in. The obstacles are the same as here, only the balance bothered me (the balance itself was higher and the boarding side was somewhat at a high angle).

Which race in Sparta felt the most successful and ran the best?

Paradoxically, the very first race, which was the sprint, suited me best. We ran at a high pace and it was terribly hot.

Because of racing, you also postponed your health problems until after the season, how are you doing now?

Thanks for asking, I'm currently 3 days post meniscal surgery and plan to lay off the crutches and put more weight on the knee this weekend. I would like to thank the entire operational team of ÚVN, where I received the best care.

What about next season, what are the plans?

In the next season, I would like to visit destinations where I have not raced yet (Austria, Germany, Italy, France, etc.).

In conclusion, what would you say to others as motivation?

As a motivation, I would say to other sportsmen that life does not end even after fifty and to have fun with any sport and enjoy every moment with family and friends. AROO!

Thank you very much for the interview and once again a big congratulations! This season was really successful for you and hopefully the next one will be like that! We'll keep our fingers crossed!

Klára Viršíková Spartan Ambassador Czech Rep.

Trifecta World Championship

Klára Viršíková - Spartan Ambassador Czech rep.

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